Our types of  Inflatable Paddles (SUP)

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YOGA Paddle

Sport Paddle

finishing Paddle

Landway Inflatable Paddles

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For lakes, rivers and oceans.

More about SUP

Believe it or not, SUP boards have been around for quite some time. According to our good friend Wikipedia, a man named Thomas Edward Blake was named the pioneer of paddle boarding when he had first constructed a replica of an old Hawaiian surfboard in the early 1930’s. This early wooden paddleboard he created was made from redwood, which he had drilled full of holes to lighten the weight, then covered to create a somewhat hollow board. Even though Thomas Edward Blake created this SUP board design 85 years ago, his design idea is still being used to this day.

Good Design

The modern paddle board is no longer made from wood, mostly because of weight. Instead, they are now made from materials like fiberglass, epoxy and carbon fiber.

Leisure & Sport

Paddle boards aren’t just used for obvious uses like leisure riding and touring, they are also used for several other sports and hobbies. Some of these paddle boarding activities include SUP yoga, SUP fishing, SUP surfing and more!

Inflatable is Key

Non-inflatable paddle boards are also heavy and becomes very annoying quickly when carrying them any sort of distance.


The popularity of stand up paddle boarding or’ SUP boarding’ has grown tremendously in the past decade or so and it is certainly for a reason! Paddle boarding is such a fun experience for anyone at nearly any age and with some practice, can be easily learned! Whether you live next to an ocean, lake or river, you can paddleboard! You’ll just need a SUP board, SUP paddle and of course, some balance!