Our types of  Inflatable Boats

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Frameless Boat

Frame Boat

Landway Inflatable Boats

For all skill levels.

For lakes, rivers and oceans.

More about Inflatable Boats

The great advantage of these boats is their lightweight to size ratio. Which increases stow-ability and reduces overall hull weight. By nearly 25% with the inflatable drop stitch floors while reducing storage footprint by 50% because you no longer have to deal with wooden or aluminum floorboards. Making these boats truly practical as a tender, to carry in a RV or SUV or even simply stow below deck.

Strong Adaptability

Inflatables cover a lot of different types of water, rivers lakes and the ocean, hard to find a boat that will do all three with the same ease and safety.


With one large buoyancy tube on each side and a flat bottom, you have a stable craft with a
low centre of gravity making them one of the most rigid boats available while providing optimum comfort.


The lightweight nature of the inflatable boats means smaller engines are required to propel
them. Due to this, they use less fuel than boats powered by the much bigger engines saving the owners money in the long run.

Inflatable Boats.

Inflatable boats are ideal for recreational sailors, looking to get out on the water and have some
fun, whether it’s by relaxing out on the water on a beautiful sunny day or taking the kids out and helping them to catch their first fish.