Why Landway Inflatables?

What our advantages are.

Reason one

Inherently buoyant and generally designed with multiple air compartments – Making them much safer than other kinds of watercraft and allowing for larger weight load capacities.

Reason two

Packs to a fraction of their inflated size (usually less than 20%) – Enabling them to go just about anywhere, store anywhere, pack anywhere and even be checked as luggage! Far easier to carry, handle, transport and store!

Reason three

Advanced inflatable construction techniques utilizing only the very best materials – Making them extremely durable, safe and reliable.

What our customers say

Try, you will love it.

“I absolutely Love my paddle board!Its the first time in my life that I can say I have mastered something this fun and cool.I’m from the Midwest where growing up as a kid living no where near an ocean, would dream of surfing, etc.” Jane Smith | Surfing beginner, Canada

“Tried this board out the other day on a flatwater lake. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t really feel like an inflatable board. Very solid and had great glide in the water. The board felt really sturdy, and had a good texture. ” John | Fishing lover, Canada